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DaltonPro clutch weights $149.95   Picture
Digatron – DT64K (Single Display Multi Function )
Large easy-to-read displays and full data logging make this series the ideal tool for monitoring and tuning your snowmobile. Eight (8) bright lights serve as an ideal engine warning system. A full 4 hours of circular recording means you always have your most current data to review.  New
$750.00   Picture
Hitch Fix Kit
This clamp takes all rattle and play out of your hitch for better trailer control .  New
$49.99   Picture
Lead dog helmet light $119.99   Details
Liquid Image Snow Goggles with Integrated HD Camera $299.99   Details
Nutrino Screen Polairs Pro
For better under hood cooling.  New
$199.99   Picture
ROX handlebar risers - 2" $125.00   Picture
ROX handlebar risers - 3.5" $135.00   Picture
ROX handlebar risers - 5" $145.00   Picture
Specialty Sleds Hats $20.00   Picture
The Snowpulse Lifebag represents a revolution in avalanche safety technology. The Lifebag represents your best chance of survival in the case of an avalanche. Statistics show a huge increase in the chances of surviving an avalanche for those victims wearing an avalanche airbag. Click here for full information $1,199.99   Picture
Extrovert drivers - Extrovert drivers - Avid 7 tooth drivers for 3" pitch $399.95   Picture
Rear foot rests (pair) $109.99   Details
Tunnel Anodizing - Adds no weight, avail. in gold, natural, blue or black $250.00   Picture
Tunnel Extensions - 121-136, 136-144, 144-151, 151-159 and 156 $149.99   Picture
Tunnel Stiffener - to stiffen the stock running boards for Polaris pro RMK chassis $114.95 natural and $145.00 for colors $114.95   Picture
Wings - Specialized Logo $99.95   Picture
TEAM TIED secondary clutch 
TEAM Industries introduces the most advanced driven clutch in the snowmobile industry. The TEAM Tied Driven Clutch is an improvement from the TSS-04 in that the moveable sheave opens axially to the stationary sheave without rotational movement. This translates to no scrubbing motion on the belt face producing less heat and friction.  New
$575.00   Picture
Engine & Exhaust
Boondocker EFI control box $559.95   Picture
BoonDocker Nitrous System - Starting @ $950.00  Updated $950.00   Details
Boss NOSS for twin sleds  Updated $950.00   Picture
Specialty X lightweight stinger for 08-09 Polaris dragon, ceramic coated $349.95   Picture
Specialty X silencer for RMK pro for 2011-2014 $349.95   Picture
Specialty X Silencers - Polaris 900 RMK Stingers, ceramic coated - Saves 20 lbs !! $369.95   Details
V force III reeds - Triple $489.95   Picture
V force III reeds - Twin $340.00   Picture
Boss Seats - Click here to find out why you need one Now in stock !! $630.00   Details
Asphalt drag skis $680.00   Picture
Simmons Gen 3 $560.00   Picture
Simmons Skis - 1 Color (Set) $499.00   Picture
Fox float shox $1,099.00   Picture
Hyperfax Sliders $289.95   Picture
Ice scratchers: break up ice and snow to cool your machine down and lubricate the sliders $69.95   Details
KMOD rear suspension
Coupled suspension to control the wheelieing  of your sled while climbing the steepest of steep hills and smooth the ride on the trails in and out . includes rails ,arms , shafts ,20 position Raptor shocks with progressive rate coils , anti stab kit .billet 2 wheel rear axle ,and limiter straps .  New
$3,450.00   Picture
Racers Edge D Motion coilover rear suspension arm
couples the rear arm and controls the ride of your sled with a Heim joint so you have a pivoting suspension to aid in side hilling .  New
$2,200.00   Picture
Raptor shocks (pair)
- 100% Billet Aluminum Construction
- 100% High Speed CNC Machined to Exacting Tolerances
- Highest Quality Synthetic Blended Fluid
- High Strength Delrin Bushings
- Cutting Edge Computer Aided Design Software
- Cutting Edge Fluid and Thermal Dynamic Modeling Software
- Elegant Lightweight Ground Up Design
- Progressive high flow Piston Design
- Progressive Valve Codes
- Internal Blow Off Valve
- 20 position clicker
- RAP (Rapid Adjust Preload)
- NEST (Seal Technology)  New
$1,250.00   Picture
Ski Scratchers - Break up the snow and ice in front of the track instead of half way back on the suspension. Gives better cooling from more of the ice and snow getting thrown up to the cooler of the sled. A must with a 3" paddle track. $69.95   Picture
Ski-Z’s  Ski Scratchers
  • SKI-Z’s attach to the rear of any ski in minutes for absolutely awesome cooling performance on hard-packed snow.
  • SKI-Z’s keep your sliders lubricated AND cool your engine by deflecting the snow that is disturbed by the steering runners as they pass over the snow surface.
  • SKI-Z’s are precisely designed to place the deflected snow spray in the critical points it is needed most to both vastly increase slider life and keep your engine cool at all times.
  • SKI-Z’s operate on a movable pivot to virtually eliminate any tendency to increase steering effort or affect direction control. Also, when used in reverse, the same pivot allows the SKI-Z’s to rotate 360 degrees to avoid breakage.
  • SKI-Z’s are made from high-carbon spring steel for ultra-durability and performance. Large-lobed lock-nut knobs allow for easy install and the neoprene tension washer insures that the SKI-Z’s “stay put”.
  • Installed as a pair, SKI-Z’s are left/right sensitive and include easy to follow illustrated instructions. Simply drill a 5/16 inch hole in each ski and install.
$79.99   Picture
Tracks (Camoplast ) 156”x 3” x 16” or 15”  New Call Us    
Tracks (Camoplast) 162" x 3" x 16" or 15" Call Us    
Tracks (Camoplast) 174" x 3" x 16" or 15" Call Us