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DaltonPro clutch weights $149.95   Picture
Digatron - DT52SN (Twin Screen) $599.00   Picture
Digatron - DT53SN (Triple Screen) $699.00   Picture
Digatron - DT54SN (Quad Screen) $799.00   Picture
Lead dog helmet light $119.99   Details
Liquid Image Snow Goggles with Integrated HD Camera  New $299.99   Details
ROX handlebar risers - 2" $125.00   Picture
ROX handlebar risers - 3.5" $135.00   Picture
ROX handlebar risers - 5" $145.00   Picture
Specialty Sleds Hats $20.00   Picture
The Snowpulse Lifebag represents a revolution in avalanche safety technology. The Lifebag represents your best chance of survival in the case of an avalanche. Statistics show a huge increase in the chances of surviving an avalanche for those victims wearing an avalanche airbag. Click here for full information  New $1,199.99   Picture
Due to overwhelming demand, we will be making more of the Skidoo beavertail delete kits  New $429.95   Details
Extrovert drivers - Extrovert drivers - Avid 7 tooth drivers for 3" pitch  New $399.95   Picture
Rear foot rests (pair) $109.99   Details
Rev Drop & roll kits - Drop and Roll your chaincase with stock tunnel, moves jackshaft into tunnel for better attack angle. Accomodates a larger track lug and clears snow out of the tunnel more efficiently  New $389.99   Picture
Tunnel Anodizing - Adds no weight, avail. in gold, natural, blue or black $250.00   Picture
Tunnel Extensions - 121-136, 136-144, 144-151, 151-159 and 156 $149.99   Picture
Tunnel stiffeners for '04 Rev, '03 - '04 Summits and '06 Freestyles - natural aluminum, color extra $114.95   Picture
Tunnel stiffeners for '05 - '06 Rev's - natural aluminum, color extra  New $114.95   Picture
Wings - Specialized Logo $99.95   Picture
Engine & Exhaust
Boondocker EFI control box  New $559.95   Picture
BoonDocker Nitrous System - Starting @ $950.00  Updated $950.00   Details
Boss NOSS for twin sleds  Updated $950.00   Picture
Dyno Port Single Pipes for Ski-Doo ZX and Rev - ceramic coated $699.99   Details
Jaws pipes for 780 & 800 Rotax Triple $1,349.95   Picture
Quick Clickers for SkiDoo TRA Clutch - Peak RPM changes can be made quickly and easily with just the push and twist of a T-handle hex wrench $69.95   Details
Specialty X Silencer for 600 - 800 Rev - ceramic coated $369.95   Picture
Specialty X Silencer for Ski-Doo RT 1000 - ceramic coated $369.95   Picture
V force III reeds - 800 Twin 2003 - 2007 rev and 2002 - 2003 ZX Chassis $469.95   Picture
V force III reeds - 800 Twin XP Chassis  New $369.95   Picture
Boss Seats - Click here to find out why you need one Now in stock !! $630.00   Details
ski-doo XP chassis
8 tooth cnc'd drivers 2.86 pitch eliminates ratcheting and the need to run the track string tight  New $399.95   Details
800 R-XP 14-1 heads. Raises compression from 12.3 to 14-1, see huge gains in mid range, a wider power band more torque at 8000 rpm  New $599.99   Picture
Dynoport Pipe for Skidoo Summit ETEK 800  New $649.95    
Extended billet chaincase for the skidoo-XP platform. Allows the use of the 2.5 or 3'' paddle track with stock size drivers. Comes with all instructions and hardware. Tracks available as well, call us for pricing.  New $1,150.00   Picture
Nutrino sreen kits. Complete 9 piece body in black  New $559.99   Details
Pro Series Boss seat for xp 2" higher than stock, storage pouch  New $630.00   Picture
Quick Clickers for SkiDoo TRA Clutch - Peak RPM changes can be made quickly and easily with just the push and twist of a T-handle hex wrench  New $69.95   Details
Rear suspension bracket stiffener kit - For those who like to jump their sled and are afraid of bending the rear suspension bracket mounting. This bracket goes over the factory one and ties into the front bumper bolts. It's slimlined like the factory bracket for track clearance.  New $169.99   Picture
ski-doo XP Tunnel Stiffeners - Available in natural colors - $114.95 or Anodized (Red, Black, Blue & Orange) $144.95. Includes rivets.  New $114.95   Picture
Specialty X Silencer for Skidoo ETEC 800  New $369.95   Picture
Specialty X stingers for ski-doo XP 800 sleds  New $349.95   Details
Taillight Delete Kit, comes with LED Taillight  New $169.95   Picture
Team conversion kit allows you to run the team tide clutch on your xp for better back shift and better control of clutching.  New $989.00    
Titanium front A-arms. 4.4 lbs compared to 11.5 lbs. for the stock a-arms. Stock width, uses a lower outer rodend and hardware supplied.  New $1,050.00   Picture
Tom's snowmobile rear suspension kit.  New Call Us   Details
Tunnel extension kits for Skidoo XP from 154" to 163", 154" to 174" and 163" to 174"  New $349.95   Details
XP 800 dynoport pipes, ceramic coated $649.95   Picture
XP 800 dynoport Y pipes, ceramic coated $329.95   Picture
XP rail extension for extending track from 137-146 ,146-154 , 154-163, & 163-174  New $169.95   Picture
XP rail extension for extending track from 137-154, 146-163 & 154-174  New $199.99   Picture
Asphalt drag skis $680.00   Picture
Simmons Gen 3  New $560.00   Picture
Simmons Skis - 1 Color (Set) $499.00   Picture
Fox float shox  New $1,099.00   Picture
Holz chromo front a-arms for Ski-Doo Rev $695.95   Details
Hyperfax Sliders $289.95   Picture
Ice scratchers: break up ice and snow to cool your machine down and lubricate the sliders  New $69.95   Details
Racers Edge rear suspension arm for Skidoo, makes suspension couple for better ride and handling  Racers Edge  New Call Us   Picture
Ski Scratchers - Break up the snow and ice in front of the track instead of half way back on the suspension. Gives better cooling from more of the ice and snow getting thrown up to the cooler of the sled. A must with a 3" paddle track.  New $69.95   Picture
Tracks (Camoplast) 162" x 3" x 16"  New Call Us    
Tracks (Camoplast) 174" x 3" x 16"  New Call Us