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        Suspension Modification

Improve the ride and handling of your sleds by using one of our lightweight suspension kits. They range from simple arms for your stock skid to a complete new mountain ready suspension.

Tom's Snowmobile Rear Suspension Kit

  • Deletes torsion springs
  • Fox air shox for front of rear skid, Fox EV01 air shock for rear of suspension

This allows for infinite adjustment to rider preference, and doesn't sack out like stock suspension.


Racers Edge Suspension

$2000.00 Arctic Cat 07-09 M series
Yamaha Apex Nytro - 174" rails
Polaris 08-09 Dragon

$2200.00 Skidoo 04-07 Rev
Skidoo 08-09 Rev

  • Coupled - Rear swap
  • Rear coilover conversion
  • Double adjust shock
  • Billet coupling
  • S/S hardware
  • Chromolly rear arm
  • Bolts into stock mounting
  • Tunnel braces and brake reinforcement *(skidoo only)

Racers Edge D Motion coilover rear suspension arm

$2200.00 Couples the rear arm and controls the ride of your sled with a Heim joint so you have a pivoting suspension to aid in side hilling .